Sustainability news

Coffee, improved!

You love your coffee, we are sure. Now you will be able to enjoy it even more, and for way longer! Only 0.2 percent of that coffee bean ends up in your cup, the rest goes to waste. Well, not anymore!... Read more

The essence of our sustainability work 2018

Knowing that many of you are short of time, we have compiled a shorter version of this year's sustainability report, where you will find all the highlights, our progress, our overall strategy and goals.... Read more

Björn Borg and sustainability 2018

In 2015, sustainability was for the first time integrated in a Björn Borg business plan. Since then, we have worked actively to up our game. Today, our sustainability work trickles down to every single ... Read more

Learn about Björn Borg’s sustainability work in our latest report

The clothing business has a negative environmental impact by its nature, but after all most of us need to cover our bodies with something, so we need to find alternate routes. We can make a difference.... Read more

More sustainable materials introduced to the Björn Borg collections

For AW 2017, Björn Borg introduced sustainable materials in several parts of the collection. Today, all our sportswear and male underwear are sustainably sourced. Read more
Sustainability Report

Our sustainability report is out!

The Björn Borg 2016 sustainability report is now available for download. Read more