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February 2017

Björn Borg Year-end Report 2016

Björn Borg AB Year-end Report January – December 2016

The Group’s net sales increased by 12.3 percent to SEK 171.4 million (152.6). Excluding currency effects, sales rose by 10.2 percent. The gross profit margin was 48.0 percent (51.8).Read more

Björn Borg introduces world’s first Twitter punching bag, to show love on Valentine’s Day.

Many have felt uneasy about the dark rivalry between first and foremost political antagonists as of late. What’s with the UK and the EU for instance? Trump and Clinton? Nationalism vs. globalism? And t...Read more

Research study shows that rivalry can both drive performance and compassion.

Have you ever had that gnawing feeling that your most fierce rival makes you perform better? Well, you are quite right. Sports fashion brand Björn Borg decided to investigate how much rivalry can improve ...Read more